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ACCA Diploma in Financial And Management Accounting (RQF LEVEL 2)


6 months Full-Time


[FA1] Recording Financial Transactions
– Types of business transactions and documentation
– Duality of transactions and the double entry system
– Banking system and transactions
– Payroll
– Ledger accounts
– Cash and Bank
– Sales and Credit transactions
– Purchases and Credit transactions
– Reconciliation
– Preparing the trial balance

[MA1] Management Information
– Explain the nature and purpose of cost and management accounting
– Identify source documents in a costing systems and correctly code data
– Classify costs by nature, behaviour and purpose
– Record costs for material, labor and expenses
– Use spreadsheets in Microsoft excel

Foundations in Professionalism*
to be completed directly on mACCA


January, April, July, September




To obtain the ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (RQF Level 2), learners must achieve at least 50% in both of the examinations and complete the Foundations in Professionalism module on mACCA.


Lecture, interactive tutorials, paired or group learning, practical lessons (if applicable) and other interactive activities in line with current best practices.


The ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (RQF Level 2) is a qualification for anyone planning to work as a junior bookkeeper, or junior accounts clerk. This qualification would develop competence in clerical accounting responsibilities relating to both the financial and management accounting functions across all sectors. It would also prepare learners for more advanced studies so that they can obtain more technically advanced roles at work.


This course is broadly equivalent to one GCSE subject (grades A-C). Please refer to the qualification specifications found on the ACCA website.


The course is designed to develop competence in collecting accounting data from primary business transactions, recording financial and cost accounting information using manual and computer systems, and developing professional skills, such as: complying with legal requirements, developing professional values, improving personal effectiveness, and behaving ethically at work.


Full-time learners are required to take FA1 & MAI modules at 15 guided learning hours per week. Foundations in Professionalism is to be completed directly through mACCA.


Learners will be externally assessed via a Computer Based Examination by ACCA Global.

who is this course suitable for?

Applicants must be aged 16 years and above upon commencement.


At least 10 years of education or equivalent.
For local students, I GCE O-Level PASS grade or NITEC or equivalent.

english language / proficiency

Learners who are non-native English speakers AND who have not carried out their final two years of schooling in English must demonstrate an English proficiency equivalent to a PASS in English Language subject at Year 10/GCE O Level/GCSE or Level B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference (CER) for Languages or Pit Academic 41 or IELis 5,0 (reading and writing must be at 5.0) or equivalent.

mature candidates

Who are at least 30 years of age with 8 years of working experience upon commencement are welcome to apply.

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